Tsering, the Impatient

Spell mana cost and damage may be subject to change due to on-going game balancing.

Tsering's Spells

Staff Whack
Tsering raises his hand and summons a ghost staff in front of him. He then lowers his hand, and the staff follows, falling on an enemy. Deals damage.
Deadly Reach
Tsering punches the air very fast, energy from his hands takes form and hits an enemy (4 times). Deals damage.

Tsering's Story

Tsering was born in an isolated Sherp village, part of the Sakya Monastery. Along with other Buddhists, Tsering denounces the life-enhancing changes that have been spreading through society from the late 28th century on. According to his personal beliefs, a person of any kind must be able to reflect on his actions in the prospect of death. When death becomes less and less frequent among people, it forces society to become more and more stagnant.
He, along with other monks from the Sakya Monastery, has spent a considerable part of his life travelling, teaching the importance of change. However, in times where consciousness is the only remaining virtue, guidance towards something larger than oneself is a very radical idea. Tsering returned from his travels bitter and exhausted. His own existence felt pointless, as he was overwhelmed by scores of other beings that either regarded their life so much more valuable than other life or on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, beings that disregarded the miracle of consciousness as if it was a commodity that you can pluck from a shelf.
Just before The Tearing, Tsering meditated on the events and conversations that he had during his time away from the monastery. He felt weak. He felt powerless. He expanded his mind to evaluate those feelings. He found anger inside - anger that raged like wildfire. Anger, for he is honing his mind, body and soul, for the purpose of a greater self. And the world around him is going in the other direction. Everything is shattering.
Even before Tsering opened his eyes, he felt that the monastery was shattering around him. A beam of light reached his eyes through a widening gap in the roof. He slowly breathed out, with his mind clenching the monastery into shape once more. The gap closed, stone collided with stone with an audible thud. Tsering felt the monastery as a whole, including all the other monks inside it. An overflowing wave of emotions washed over him. He screamed in rage and confusion until his lungs gave out and he passed out.