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Olek, the Reflective

Spell mana cost and damage may be subject to change due to on-going game balancing.

Olek's Spells

Fire Stream
Olek pulls his arms back and then extends them forward, releasing a stream of green fire towards a random enemy. Deals damage.
Dark Rain
Olek spawns a ball of dark energy in his hands and throws it to the sky. The energy spawns a dark rain that falls on all enemies. Deals damage.

Olek's Story

Olek was naturally born in a poor family in Urtiazho. In order to sustain himself and his family, he had to slave away at a hazardous recycling facility. He is a second-generation halfbreed. His grandfather was engineered to work and survive in a heavy metal polluted environment. Olek has inherited some of those traits but has been gifted with some random mutations as well.
Oleksandr has a gentle soul. He is misunderstood for his naivety and ignorance of some social constraints. He has Aspergers. He does get along with most of his co-workers in the plant and leads a simple life, however, his inability to understand the behaviour of others has gotten him into a fair amount of trouble during his short life. He has turned to wild pigeons for friendship, which are abundant in the upper levels of the outpost.
During The Tearing, Olek was dismantling a decommissioned exoskeleton. The southern wall of the facility floated away exposing Olek to a stream of toxic gas from the broken pipes. He lost consciousness and collapsed on the floor. He dreamt of a king of pigeons, who talked in the voice of a thousand souls. The king entrusted Olek to wake up and save as many as he could.
When Olek awoke, he was lying on the floor next to his workstation. There was a rancid smell in the air. He started dragging bodies from the debris of the facility to the upper levels, where he found some breathable air and a Fog covered sky. Not many who he carried up survived.