Why it's going to be fun

Wizardia is a multiplayer online role-playing strategy game with a key game-changing component – opportunity for the players to earn money while playing. Wizardia has resemblances to video games like Heroes of Might and Magic, King’s Bounty, Raid: Shadow Legends and similar titles, that are based on classical RPG systems where hero characters and their skills take the spotlight. Additionally, the economy of Wizardia may feel familiar to those who played Travian, Clash of Clans or Eve Online, and player industrial and commercial activities are the engine of the system. Discovery aspect of the game will allow players who are interested in complicated problem solving and social organization to express themselves and influence the direction of the game.

Wizardia’s inspiration and analogs

Mechanically similar games: RAID: Shadow Legends (mobile), Age of Magic: RPG (mobile), Ruined King: LoL Story, Battle Chasers, Darkest Dungeon, Bravely Default II, Banner Saga Trilogy, Star Renegades

Thematically similar games: RAID: Shadow Legends, Age of Magic: RPG, Ruined King: LoL Story

Visually similar games: Age of Magic: RPG

Combat & Tournaments

Combat Mechanics

Wizardia's combat is turn based and requires clever positioning and effective use of Abilities. Players will be able to engage in PvP as well as PvE battles across the realm. With each victory players will be rewarded with consumables or equipment, resources, skill mastery and legacy points.

In practice, combat in Wizardia is a turn-based confrontation between two teams of three Wizards that cast their Abilities to deplete the foes’ energy and win the battle.

The player sets up a team of three Wizards and equips each of them with an Artifact and consumables. Depending on the game mode and the strength of the team, the matchmaking algorithm selects an opponent for the player.

The battle consists of rounds, with each round having a sequence of turns. During a single round all Wizards present on the field make one action each, unless limited by certain conditions, such as previously casted spells, buffs, etc. During a particular Wizard’s turn, the player can choose between using the active Wizard’s Ability, using a consumable or skipping the turn to regain Magic. Wizards fall once their Magic is depleted either via own-Ability use or the effect of the opponent’s Abilities. Fallen Wizards cannot participate in that particular battle anymore, unless raised and returned to battle by other Wizards.

The battle ends once all three Wizards of one team fall. The winning player receives victory rewards and the defeated player gets a consolation prize, both of which depend on the game mode.

Game Modes

There will be several game modes available in Wizardia, ranging from simple PvE and PvP duels to Weekly Challenge Series and winner-take-all tournaments.

Challenger Fights (PvE) mode allows players to battle an AI-controlled opponent at their own pace. An opportunity to practice before competing for greater rewards in PvP.

Duel Fights (PvP) is a realtime battle mode between two players with significant rewards and the possibility to wager $WZRD tokens.

Weekly Challenge Series (PvE) is a game-wide mode where the player’s goal is to win the most challenging battles during the week. Rewards are distributed game-wide, with all players competing for the same prize pool.

Arena Tournament (PvP) is a play-off format PvP tournament with entry fees and a hefty $WZRD and NFT prize pool. Players must qualify for the tournament via five random PvP battles. The tournaments are planned to take place at the end of each Wizardia Season and last for one week, with finals on Saturday.

Final Destruction (PvP) is a world-wide tournament streamed across the globe with a seven-figure prize pool. Best players with Wizardia’s strongest Wizards will battle it out to become forever remembered as the Season’s strongest sorcerers. However, this is an all-or-nothing affair, with the winner racking up a six-digit US dollar reward and all defeated players losing the majority of their possessions as well as everything they wagered to enter the tournament.

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