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Tah Mut Tah, the Indulging

Spell mana cost and damage may be subject to change due to on-going game balancing.

Tah's Spells

Earth Split
Tah crouches down, moving his hands to gain momentum and preparing the earth. He then stands up and, clapping his hands, creates a shockwave that burns the air and splits the earth, rushing towards the selected enemy and dealing damage.
Earth's Protection
Tah extends his arm as if holding a shield and summons runes under all allies. He adds 250 shield to all allies.

Tah's Story

Tah was a neuro-stock broker, working for one of the largest hedge funds before The Tearing. George, as many of his peers, used all kinds of substances, both to accelerate his capabilities to react to sporadic events in the market and to wind down after an exhausting day.
However, George did not stop at substances. He was always searching to gain an extra edge on his opponents, ending with him on the table of biomancer just before The Tearing came. With his consciousness drugged, and his skull wide open, he began to feel.
He felt his true meaning and purpose. He felt how his life as a rat in a wheel had drained the last humanity out of him. He felt empty and full at the same time. Before even regaining full consciousness he realized his purpose now. He has taken a new form, that of a Hindu god he once saw in his childhood. And he began his journey as a newly self-anointed prophet in this shattered reality.