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$WZRD Tokens

How Wizardia's economy works
The $WZRD token is the core utility token and in-game currency of the Wizardia game and future metaverse. Tokens can be spent as well as earned or exchanged by every player inside and outside of the game. $WZRD is a cross-chain token, mainly on BSC.
In the interests of building a long-lasting and sustainable game economy, 300,000,000 (three hundred million) $WZRD tokens will be minted. There is two-way bridge for tokens between Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Solana (SOL). The TGE took place scheduled for March 24 2022, with listings on & PancakeSwap.
The $WZRD token will be a utility token, with staking for stability and reward; elements of yield farming; and internal medium of exchange use cases.

Token Allocation


Token Utility

Token utility can be divided into player-to-player and player-to-vault(-to-player) mechanisms:
Player to player:
  • Players can buy and sell resources, primarily won in the Arena, to other players in exchange for $WZRD tokens
  • Players can wager on PvP Arena battles and win/lose $WZRD tokens
  • Players can buy, sell and rent Wizard NFTs between players in exchange for $WZRD tokens
  • Players can spend $WZRD to summon (mint) new Wizard NFTs
  • Players can buy and sell other NFTs items (including future Genesis NFTs) to other players in exchange for $WZRD tokens
  • Players can buy and sell Artifacts/Abilities/consumables to other players
  • Players can spend $WZRD tokens to craft Artifacts/Abilities/consumables
Player to vault (to player):
  • Players who own Arena Genesis NFTs earn passive royalties in the form of $WZRD tokens (a share of the fee for Arena transactions)
  • Players pay an entrance free in $WZRD to participate in Tournaments
  • Players receive $WZRD tokens as rewards for Tournament wins
  • Players receive $WZRD rewards for staking $WZRD tokens
Future mechanisms
  • Players who own Genesis NFTs introduced in the future (e.g. in-game bank) earn passive royalties
  • Players can spend $WZRD tokens to rank up and increase Wizard rarity in the upcoming Forge structure