Practice Mode

What’s new and how it works

Practice Mode is a browser-based pre-launch game-mode, which is 100% free-to-play. That means gamers no longer need to own 3 Wizard NFTs to experience Wizardia’s magical gameplay. Every time a player is assigned a randomised selection of Wizards and Consumables. Wizard throuples are pre-built by Wizardia game designers according to the game logic and it provides a chance for players to try out different game strategies.

Practice Mode combines PVP and PVE game modes. Wizardia launches its first PVP mode where gamers play against human/real-life opponents. Players can’t choose their friends as opponents in order to make the battle fair.

In case there are no players online, the game mode shifts to PVE and the player fights against our bot. The bot is more advanced than in previous Wizardia game versions and challenges the gamers to use Wizard Spells and Consumables wisely as well as skipping its turn to replenish its Mana.

Consumables are Wizard Enhancers and, in Practice Mode, gamers can try them out for the first time. Currently 3 types of Consumables (out of total of 9) are available:

  • Health Potions - heal 100-500 HP

  • Mana Potions - restore 2-10 MP

  • Revive Potions - revive your Wizard to 1 HP after its HP is reduced to 0

Only a total of 3 Potions can be used per battle, and players can only choose 1 before the battle starts to use on a specific Wizard. For example, if a player has Crizal selected for the battle, he/she will need to decide which Potion to use before the battle starts.

In Practice Mode gamers play for fun and practice, not for prizes. There is no prize pool in this game mode. Gamers can battle as many times as they want - all they have to do is to sign up at:

About game mechanics


  • A battle consists of 3 player-controlled Wizards fighting against 3 Wizards controlled by another randomly selected player or a bot.

  • You can’t choose your opponent in order to make the battle fair.

  • Your Wizard team and Consumables are randomly assigned before each battle.

  • Randomly the player or opponent will have the first turn.

  • A turn is a Wizard selecting a spell and casting it at an enemy Wizard or Wizards.

  • Don’t forget to select the Potion for your Wizard before the battle begins. Only a total of 3 Potions are available per battle.

  • Then it will alternate between players, each taking a turn until one side has no Wizards left alive. At this point, they have lost, and the team with Wizards remaining has won.

  • You can skip the turn

  • If both sides lose their Wizards in the same turn, then the player whose turn it is wins the battle.

Game balance and terms and conditions and privacy policy can be updated any time without notice.

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