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Petro, the 1

Spell mana cost and damage may be subject to change due to on-going game balancing.

Petro's Spells

Improvised grenade
Petro swings and throws a grenade at a selected opponent, causing damage.
Petro releases a swarm of nanobots that attack the selected opponent.

Petro's Story

Petro Serbasov, a previously famous figure in the circles of Cyber-Security, had been retired for about 14 years when The Tearing happened. Petro has been living in his farmhouse in the arid Mongolian plains and operating a sustainable farm for over a decade. He has been recycling discarded pre-war farming equipment and whatever scraps of post-war technology he could find to create a self-sufficient and successful farm.
His life was peaceful, he was recognised in the community of Sainshand and kept in contact with his two daughters: Peach and Alice. All in all, he was content. His ex-wife Lucy Winhaven has been living in the Euro metropolis after the divorce.
 During the calamity he received messages from both his daughters, but not from his ex-wife.
Petro is a very skilled engineer, capable of nearly impossible feats using just his neuromechanical augmentations and a few tools. He lost his leg in an unfortunate accident operating enormous earth tearing equipment about seven years ago. He is much more careful with heavy machinery from that day onward and has devised a seven-layer safety protocol that has been implemented virtwide since.