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Wizardia Tournaments is a browser-based PvE or PvP game-mode not only for NFT holders but also for players without Wizard NFTs. It’s an opportunity to put Wizard NFTs to use, with the best performers winning $WZRD prizes & NFTs whereas tournaments that do not require ownership of Wizard NFTs provides a possibility to win other prizes without the need to own anything.

To play Wizardia PvE or PvP paid tournaments, usually you'll need to own 3 Wizard NFTs and to buy an Entry Ticket. Each Entry Ticket lets you battle some specific number of times in the Arena and climb up the ladder for a chance to win main prizes from the prize pool. ​​

To play Free tournaments, you don't need to own Wizard NFTs and you don't need to buy Entry Tickets.

For individual rules of each tournaments please refer to the corresponding section under the Tournament rules section.

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