Tournament Strategies

Each Tournament Battle is a 3-on-3 turn-based confrontation, where teams of Wizards cast spells back and forth across the Arena battlefield — inflicting damage on opponents or supporting their allied Wizards. From each battle, you’ll earn ranking points based on the amount of health your team has remaining at the end of the fight.

There’s no perfect team, so you’ll need to think, plan and execute well if you want to dominate in the Arena. It’s a game of strategy and synergies, a chance to practice and test your magical combat skills, getting ahead of the competition before the full game is released!

Tournament Combat Tips

  • Each wizard has 2 unique attack spells to choose from.

  • Some spells work on all targeted Wizards, but some only work on one targeted Wizard.

  • Each spell consumes mana, so use it wisely. You can replenish mana by skipping a turn.

  • The right of the first move is determined randomly.

  • Each player has 30 seconds for one move.

  • Your battle strategy should focus on eliminating enemy wizards, rather than beating all of them little by little.

Wizard Affinities

  • Body Wizards (Tah Mut Tah, Tsering & Amin) are stronger against Soul Wizards, but weaker against Mind Wizards.

  • Mind Wizards (Crizal & Chikara) are stronger against Body Wizards, but weaker against Soul Wizards.

  • Soul Wizards (S & Olek) are stronger against Mind Wizards, but weaker against Body Wizards.

  • In combat against a random opponent, it might be safest to assemble a team of different Affinities (body, mind, soul)

Read more about Affinities in the Lore pages.

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