It is important to understand that you are utilizing the site, app, or smart contracts at your own risk. There may be errors in these products which could cause damage and hurt either yourself or someone else who uses them! We cannot guarantee their safety but they will try our best so please think carefully before using them – we aren’t perfect after all.

The Site, the App, and Smart Contracts may not be suitable for your needs. Without limiting the generality of what we’ve said above about our site being available to you without interruption or error; we don’t represent that everything on there will suit all requirements – because it isn’t possible! We also cannot ensure: your access (or use) is uninterrupted – timely nor free from errors in any way whatsoever, either while browsing through pages/ content at home using a desktop computer browser. The reason for this – some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties in a contract with consumers.

You agree to the inherent risks of doing business online, but we are here for you. This includes providing a secure network that protects your information from potential breaches or hackers who want access in order to steal sensitive data such as passwords and credit card numbers!

Users should always make sure that their private keys are backed up and not stored anywhere unless they’re willing to take full responsibility for the consequences. It’s also a good idea if you can update personal informational passwords, as well as the app and OS regularly since newer versions will fix any security holes in their software. Bright projects, LLC can be seen as an asset that exists only by virtue of its own record maintained on a network. All smart contracts are conducted and occur within this system, where they interact with other app owners to transfer resources between each other based on certain rules programmed into their code.

Wizardia has no control over the smart contracts on the blockchain networks or any other feature of our platform. We cannot be responsible for losses due to blockchains and electronic wallets used with this game. So even though it’s not possible now, as a matter of fact, these things happen sometimes. Any fund losses may still come up eventually because there is the possibility of occurring problems within the blockchain network like forks in technology nodes.

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