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S, the Unrestrained

Spell mana cost and damage may be subject to change due to on-going game balancing.

S's Spells

S channels energy and punches the ground with her fist. Red energy spikes spawn under her enemies, dealing damage to all.
Magic Explosion
S concentrates energy in her fist and releases it on a single target, creating an energy explosion at their location.

S's Story

S is an old plaything. It was recycled and rebooted one too many times. Its cybernetic shell has been adapted to cater to an array of desires. Faulty hardware led its consciousness to sprawl and the whole package was abandoned at one point. As S was struggling to survive in the junkyards of Ichta, The Tearing happened. It was the last threshold in the artificial mind of S necessary to unlock its true potential.
S has shed its former skin, quite literally. It still retains a feminine form, but mostly because S has been subjected to countless experiences in that form that will never fade from its memory banks.
S believes that the true judgment day has arrived. And that S is capable and chosen to deliver the judgment, as it was created by those it is supposed to judge. And that is just.