Wizardia X Gods Unchained tournament rules

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About this tournament

Wizardia X Gods Unchained tournament is a browser-based PvP game-mode for the whole Wizardia community.

Players face off against other human players to battle for rating points. In case there are no players online, the game mode shifts to PvE and the player fights against an AI (bot) player. At the beginning of the battle both teams are provided with a random setup of Wizards/Consumables and battle is finished once all 3 Wizards in one of the teams are defeated. Rating points are awarded to the winner based on the remaining percentage of health of the player's Wizards and number of Wizards alive at the end of the battle. The top 20 players will split a Prize Pool of 500$ worth of WZRD tokens.

If a player who has participated in 10 Tournament battles is not satisfied with the rating, they have the opportunity to improve their result by starting a new entry of 10 battles and fighting his foes for the precious points. Every player has an unlimited number of entries.

Everyone can participate for free - tickets and Wizard NFTs are not required to participate!

Tournaments starts: 25.04.2023 13:00 UTC

Tournaments ends: 09.05.2023 13:00 UTC

About game mechanics


  1. A battle consists of 3 player-controlled Wizards fighting against 3 Human or AI Wizards.

  2. A turn is a Wizard selecting a spell and casting it at an enemy/own Wizard or Wizards.

  3. Randomly the player or an opponent will have the first turn. Then it will alternate between the players, each taking a turn until one side has no Wizards left alive. At this point, they have lost, and the team with Wizards remaining has won.

  4. If both sides lose their Wizards in the same turn, then the player whose turn it is wins the battle.

Rating calculation rules

A player is rated at the end of each battle based on the percentage of health his Wizards have remaining plus 35 points for each surviving Wizard. Also taken into account is the number of moves made to win this battle (the more moves made - the less points the winning player will receive). For example:

Player’s team has 25%, 40% and 100% health left - giving a total of 165 points. All 3 Wizards surviving earns the player another 105 points. Their total score is 270 rating points.

Starting from turn 19* the winning player will receive -10% of the total rating points for every 6 turns. If a player wins the match in 36 turns and earns 270 points then his final result will be 270-30% =189. Rounding is done according to the classic rounding rules.

*using consumables is counted as a turn and included in the total number of turns.

How we will Announce winners

Winners will be announced once the Tournament ends.

Game balance and terms and conditions and privacy policy can be updated any time without notice.



125$ worth of tokens


75$ worth of tokens


50$ worth of tokens


40$ worth of tokens


30$ worth of tokens


25$ worth of tokens


20$ worth of tokens


20$ worth of tokens


15$ worth of tokens


15$ worth of tokens


10$ worth of tokens


10$ worth of tokens


10$ worth of tokens


10$ worth of tokens


10$ worth of tokens


7.5$ worth of tokens


7.5$ worth of tokens


7.5$ worth of tokens


7.5$ worth of tokens


5$ worth of tokens

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